Nikki Carter.  Toledo, Ohio.  European Honeymoon Tour: Vienna > Munich > London > Edinburgh.   

"I need to give a HUGE shout out to Dana Braun and MUSE Travelers for creating the MOST EPIC honeymoon for us!! Working with Dana was the best experience EVER and we can't imagine planning a vacation without her! Dana took care of booking our flights, hotels, transportation, everything! Imagine landing at an airport in a foreign country, and not having the hassle of needing to flag down a cab or find your own way to the hotel - for us, there was always someone waiting with a sign with our name to take us where we needed to be!

The best part of working with Dana was her willingness to always be available leading up to our big trip! From answering my endless questions (which I probably asked five times each because my bride-mind couldn't remember anything) to making sure that we had everything we needed - Dana was always on top of it all!! This was amazing!! Knowing someone else was so on-top of our honeymoon allowed me to only worry about the wedding!

The other best thing about this experience was our honeymoon wedding registry. I can't tell you how many great comments I had about using a registry like this! We received so much support towards our honeymoon (thank you all, again!!!) If you're getting married soon, you should REALLY look for an option like this!! :) I'm telling everyone I know, if you're planning a trip (especially a honeymoon) CALL DANA!! :)"  ★★★★★